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The History of Human Design

The History of Human Design

The Experience of Ra

     Ra was a Canadian who left everything behind and moved to the island of Ibiza, Spain. He lived for years in the wilderness sometimes living in caves and sometimes just living on the ground and, at the time he had his experience, living in the only inhabitable room of a 300 year old ruina with broken down walls. Sometimes people fed him and it kept him alive.

     On the night of January 3, 1987 he came home to his ruina in the middle of the wilderness and was surprised to find a light underneath the door. He had a lantern in the room, but he had no money to buy the kerosene to make it work. He shouted at the door, “Who is there?” No answer. When he stepped into the room, everything happened at once. There was a kind of pressure in his head and the water in his body exploded, rivers of it coming from the top of his head until he was standing in a pool of his own water. The moment that all of the water was out of his body, every single muscle in his body began to cramp and he felt extreme intensity of pain and agony ripping him apart. At the same time he all of a sudden heard this dark, hard, cold, male voice, frightening, with a flavor of intelligence he did not know, say to him, “Are you ready to work?!”

     For eight days and eight nights The Voice talked to him. He did not sleep, but only listened. When all of a sudden The Voice disappeared, Ra said he sort of floated in a kind of state where he was there and not there. Something else was there. Ra said he had always been an arrogant person before, but the experience had been so profound that it made him feel ant-like, tiny, and absolutely meaningless. He says the Human Design System is not in the world because of him. It is in the world because everybody was seeded with that information in those eight days, the whole planet.

     Years later, I heard someone ask Ra if he thought he was ever going to hear The Voice again. He said, “I hope not, it nearly killed me the first time”.

The 1987a Supernova

     On 24th February 1987, at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile, astronomers discovered and, for the first time, photographed a supernova, a dying star. There had not been one observed for 400 years since Johan Kepler in 1604. The supernova 1987a, also named Sandleak, was a blue supergiant some 170,000 light years from Earth. Eighteen hours earlier on February 23rd, the huge neutrino detector facility of Super Kamokande in Japan detected powerful pulses of neutrinos from 1987a passing through the Earth. For fourteen minutes, everybody on this planet received three times as many neutrinos as normal. 1987a bombarded our planet with a deluge of subatomic information with its dying breath.

     The outburst from 1987a was visible to the naked eye and was the brightest known supernova in 400 years. It continues to change form and grow. On 19 Feb 2004, astronomers reported that the Hubble Space Telescope has been keeping tabs on it since its launch. Supernova 1987A put on a new show when a shockwave from its explosion smashed into a ring of gas that had probably been shed 20,000 years ago. Under the pressure from the shockwave, the gas has started to glow, like a ring of pearls around the centre of the explosion. More hotspots will keep appearing until the entire ring of gas is ablaze as it absorbs the full force of the shockwave.


     In 1999, Chandra imaged this shock wave, and astronomers have waited expectantly for the shock wave to hit the edge of the cavity, where it would encounter the much denser gas deposited by the red supergiant wind, and produce a dramatic increase in X-radiation. The latest data from Chandra and the Hubble Space Telescope indicate that this much-anticipated event has begun.

Optical hot-spots now encircle the ring like a necklace of incandescent diamonds (image on right). The Chandra image (left) reveals multimillion-degree gas at the location of the optical hot-spots.

Image: Supersonic Shock Wave Heats Gas Ring Around Supernova 1987A (SN1987A)

This image, taken Nov. 28, 2003 by the Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, shows many bright spots along a ring of gas, like pearls on a necklace. These cosmic "pearls" are being produced as a supersonic shock wave unleashed during the explosion slams into the ring at more than a million miles per hour. The collision is heating the gas ring, causing its innermost regions to glow.

     Astronomers detected the first "hot spot" in 1996, but now they see dozens of them all around the ring. The temperature of the flares surges from a few thousand degrees to a million degrees Fahrenheit. Individual hot spots cannot be seen from ground-based telescopes. Only Hubble can resolve them.

     And, more hot spots are coming. In the next few years, the entire ring will be ablaze as it absorbs the full force of the crash. The glowing ring is expected to become bright enough to illuminate the star's surroundings.

The Astrophysicist View of 1987a

Dr. Chris Burrows of the European Space Agency and Space Telescope Science Institute of Baltimore Maryland said, " This is an unprecedented and bizarre object, we have never seen anything behave like this before."

George Sonneborn of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt Maryland said, "The wave of energy from the exploded star is now invisible, but it is beginning to shine brightly in ultraviolet emissions". Sonneborn speaking to a meeting of the American Astronomical Society said "The immense energy of the collision probably will begin to glow in visible light upon the earth by 2005.”

A Mystical View of 1987a

     There is a mystical, mystical view of 1987a presented by a Bill Donahue in 1998. He is not connected with Human Design and speaks more from a framework of Biblical Prophecy. Maybe there is something to what he says. Maybe not. It is another way to look at it.

     According to Donahue, 1987a looks like a cosmic eye and it is functioning as the pineal gland, the third eye, of the cosmos. As Above So Below is in the mystical tradition and so 1987a is opening the third eye and is changing the consciousness of mankind. He says Supernova 1987a has the appearance of the third eye located between two larger eyes, just as it is in the human body.

What Happened?

     Most people describe this experience Ra had as a “mystical” experience. Even Ra himself describes it this way sometimes. Ra also says:

        “I experienced a transmission of information from a Design Crystal bundle. I experienced it in the limitation of what I am as a man. The limitation of my culture, my knowledge, my awareness. After all, I invented ‘The Voice’. There is no way to explain these things other than what we can handle. So we describe things in the way we can. And we identify them in the way in which we can.”

     “You can call a bundle ‘a ghost’ and you can call it ‘a demon’, ‘a spirit’, ‘an elf’, ‘an alien’, ‘an angel’. But it is part of the consciousness field of the totality. And it is this crystal consciousness field that is imprinted by the larger program, by the planet’s own program…. there is a greater consciousness field not impacted directly by the Sun and the planets; it is there to respond to the movement of the stellar background field. Because this is the greater program.”

     To logical, rational, and scientific people like myself, the best advice I can give is to not be offended in any way by the word ‘mystical’. ‘Mystical’ means something that cannot be understood by the logical mind and since the logical mind can only hold 7 bits of information (plus or minus 2) at one time, it cannot understand very much. It cannot understand 99.7% of what is important to us to live our lives. And if the logical mind cannot understand what ‘love’ is, then to live ‘by bread alone’ is not enough. Maybe that is why the mind is composed of at least two brains, the Left and the Right. The Left Brain is logical, rational, sequential, and scientific. The Right Brain is intuitive, creative, synthesizing, and holistic. The modern world trains us that only the Right Brain is of value, perhaps because that makes us more productive, useful machines.  To give preference to one over the other is to invite war, conflict, and disharmony within ourselves. That is called Unhappiness.

     Besides, most of the important scientific so-called ‘discoveries’ started with a mystical or illogical experience. There is the famous story of Archimedes running naked down the street two thousand years ago shouting ‘Eureka! Eureka’ because he had discovered the principle of buoyancy while taking a bath. There is the other famous story of Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree hundreds of years ago and when an apple fell on his head, he ‘suddenly’ thought of the Universal Law of Gravitation. Elias Howe invented the sewing machine after having a dream that natives in a jungle threw him in a large stew pot and poked at him with spears that had holes in the point. Albert Einstein said his entire career was an extended meditation on a dream he had as a teenager. He dreamt that he was riding a sled down a steep, snowy slope and as he approached the speed of light, all the colors blended into one. There is the story of James Watson having a dream about a snake biting its own tail that helped him put together the picture of the double helix of DNA.

     After having said all of this, it doesn’t really matter where Human Design comes from. What matters is if it works for you personally and makes your life a better place to be. Ra says that Human Design is a logical system and as such it is to be tested and then tested again. Test it for yourself. All you have to know is your Type, Strategy, and Authority. It takes about twenty minutes to tell you that. How long it takes for you to ‘get it’ and practice your Strategy in your life varies from person to person. For enough old cells to be replaced by new cells so that there is more of the True Self than the Not-Self takes 3.5 years. For all the old cells to be replaced by new cells with the True Self takes everyone 7 years. No exceptions and no short-cuts. From hearing the Truth to Living the Truth takes 7 years. But in the first breath you use the Strategy correct for you, you will feel better and more true.


  1. Hi Deepak,
    Did you really mean to say that only the Right Brain is valued in a society....seems to me the it's the Left Brain that gets the most encouragement.
    Best, Janice

  2. Greetings Deepak!

    Regarding: "Each person has a path to their own truth and there are 11 paths." Are these paths identified online? Would it be possible to point me to where I may find them?

    Thank you!

  3. "The modern world trains us that only the Right Brain is of value, perhaps because that makes us more productive, useful machines."

    Left Brain is meant here, isn't it?

  4. "At the same time he all of a sudden heard this dark, hard, cold, male voice, frightening, with a flavor of intelligence he did not know, say to him, “Are you ready to work?!”

    In the "Encounter with the Voice" movie Ra said it felt like an unpleasant smoking woman of 150 years old.